Michal Dziekan - The Bunny Situationby RSAR // 04/22/2014

Happy Easter from Michal Dziekan

Guy Stauber - Captain America Winter Soldierby RSAR // 04/22/2014

Guy Stauber illustrated posters for Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Epic posters for an epic film from an epic artist.

Ricardo Martinez - Gabriel García Márquez, a...by RSAR // 04/21/2014

In honor of legendary Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez (Love in the Time of Cholera, 100 Years of Solitude) who passed away last week, Ricardo Martinez illustrated his portrait.

Goni Montes - Robocopby RSAR // 04/17/2014

Yes, Robocop is getting what looks to be an awesome comic book reboot to be released in only a few short months. In honor of Goni's birthday (which was yesterday), Ian Brill wrote up a blog feature on him. Read it here.

Tran Nguyen - Insects of Love, Tor.comby RSAR // 04/15/2014

Tran Nguyen's first illustration for Tor.com for short story Insects of Love was also just accepted into Spectrum 21! Congratulations!

Edward Kinsella - Johnny Cash, Rolling Stoneby RSAR // 04/15/2014

Edward Kinsella drew this portrait of Johnny Cash for Rolling Stone's record review of his lost album "Out Among the Stars".

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