Edward Kinsella III - The Brood, The Criterion...by RSAR // 08/18/2015

Edward Kinsella III illustrated this cover and interior poster of David Cronenberg's, The Brood for the Criterion Collection. This science fiction horror from 1979 tells the terrifying tale of a series of murders which seem to be committed by children... at least at first...

Check out Edward's process on his website here!
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Jason Seiler: Digital and Traditional Painter,...by RSAR // 08/10/2015

Recently, Lynda.com sat Jason down and got him to tell us his deepest darkest trade secrets!... Just kidding... But they did interview Jason in this beautifully shot video in which the viewer gets a great dose of his awesome work, hears about his start as an illustrator and learns a little more about Jason's creative background. An inspiring 10 minutes, a great way to break up the day!

Jason Seiler: Digital and Traditional Painter from lynda.com on Vimeo.

Chase Stone - Lord of the Cable, ComHemby RSAR // 08/06/2015

Earlier this year and at the end of last year, Chase Stone was commissioned by the Swedish creative agency, Colony, to help play a part in their massive campaign for ComHem, a large communications company in Sweden. ComHem's brand is faced by an  adorable red headed duo, Judith and Judith, who bring comedic light to the cable, internet, and TV for Swedish homes and companies. Com Hem is so successful in Sweden that Colony dubbed them " Lord of the Cable" and created an entire epic fantasy campaign to demonstrate the wondrous great lengths Com Hem will go for its customers and to defeat slow broadband. Not going to lie, it's pretty amazing...

Check out more from Chase Stone here!


Karla Ortiz - The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, Kai...by RSAR // 08/04/2015

Karla Ortiz illustrated Kai Ashante Wilson's new book, "The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps". A story about a demigod, Demane and his beloved captain. Both are descendants of gods who left Earth for Heaven and are bestowed with ethereal powers to keep them and their caravan brothers safe as they travel earthbound. The story's mystifying and striking nature is reflected perfectly in Karla's cover, another beautiful finish!

Check out an excerpt of the book and where to purchase book here!
Check out more from Karla here!

Rudy Gutierrez - Tie Dye Wine, Offbeat Brandsby RSAR // 08/03/2015

Recently our artist Rudy Gutierrez was commissioned to illustrate a wine label inspired by the 'Summer of Love' in San Francisco. Rudy style was perfect for this assignment and the final product came out beautifully! Learn more about the wine and where to purchase a bottle for yourself here!

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