Goni Montes - The Monsters of Jimmy Crumbby RSAR // 08/20/2014

Goni Montes created this beautiful cover for James Patrick's " The Monster's of Jimmy Crumb". This horror graphic novel has now been successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign and will be hitting the shelves soon! While Goni did the cover, James Patrick, a renowned writer who worked on such titles as "Batman" and "Star Trek", wrote the story, and newcomer Jen Hickman illustrated the interior. The graphic novel is published by 21 Pulp and is for mature audiences ready to be scared in the best way possible.

Orlando Arocena - I AM THE LAW/LIFE OF CRIME,...by RSAR // 08/20/2014

Hero Complex Gallery in LA opened it's "I am the Law" exhibition in which Orlando's piece is on display. This group show highlights criminals, law enforcement, and everything in between!

Orlando, born and raised in New York City, made tribute to one of his favorite detective films, " The French Connection", an adaption of Robin Moore's non-fiction story of two NY narcotic detectives, Popeye Doyle and Buddy " Cloudy" Russo.

Karla Ortiz - In the Sight of Akresa, Tor.comby RSAR // 08/20/2014

Ray Wood's novelette, " In the Sight of Akresa ", is a tragic fantasy romance which tells the tale of Claire and her lover Aya, a freed slave, whose tongue was taken to prevent blasphemy against her capture's heathen blood-god. The mystery of her silence holding secrets and the keys to justice...

Tran Nguyen - La Signora, Tor.comby RSAR // 08/19/2014

Tran illustrated the cover of Bruce McAllister's short story, "La Signora". The dark fantasy follows an American teenager living in an ancient Italian fishing town during the Cold War. An innocent act  of teenage rebellion can produce unlikely results...

Gregory Manchess - Rise as One, Tarras Productionsby RSAR // 08/19/2014

A little over a hundred years ago, in the early days of WWI, a magical thing happened on Christmas Day nonetheless. On this day, the British and German soldiers took a brief peaceful ceasefire to venture out into No Man's Land to play a friendly game of football ( soccer )...

During this past World Cup, Anheuser Busch teamed up with Tarras Productions to create a series of TV ads re-telling the tale. Gregory Manchess was hired to bring the film a new life with his special touch of oil paint to the series entitled," Rise as One."

CF Payne - The Left Behinds, Crown Booksby RSAR // 08/15/2014

Last year CF Payne completed this cover for David Potter's book "The Left Behinds - The iphone that saved George Washinton " The story combines travel, humor, and American history in a whirlwind adventure!

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