Edward Kinsella III - Marilyn Manson, The Pale...by RSAR // 01/15/2015

Edward Kinsella recently completed this portrait of Marilyn Manson for Rolling Stone's review of Manson's new album, The Pale Emperor. Eerie, dark, and more then a little twisted, this project was right up Kinsella's alley and as they say, "the proof is in the pudding." Check it out, read the article here!

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Chris Gall - The PDT Cocktail Book, Gestalten TVby RSAR // 01/13/2015

Back in 2011, Chris Gall collaborated with master cocktail innovator, Jim Meehan to create "The Complete Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy". Recently, Gestalten TV interviewed Jim to speak about the journey to create the book, collaborating with Chris, and, of course, the cocktails. Check out the interview and see Chris's fabulous work in context!


You can buy the book, HERE!
Check out more of Chris's work, HERE!

John Mattos - Holiday Books, WSJby RSAR // 01/08/2015

Some belated news, back before the holidays, John Mattos was commissioned by the Wall Street Journal for their Holiday Gift Guide Issue. John did a full page illustration, a Christmas version of "Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2" by Marcel Duchamp, for the book section of the issue. Check it out, it might not be too late to be inspired by the Journal's gift ideas.

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Karla Ortiz - The Importance of Balancing Art and...by RSAR // 01/08/2015

Earlier this week Karla Ortiz sat down with the host of Creative Trek, Sean ODaniels, to talk about Karla's artistic journey, her struggles, her successes, and her mantra for balance. Creative Trek is a podcast dedicated to sharing the voices and stories of creative professionals and artists to inspire and educate listeners around the world. Karla is an absolute delight to listen to, giving her relatable take on the art world. You can hear her interview, here!

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Orlando Arocena - Alien Rage, Shoe Furyby RSAR // 01/07/2015

Recently, Orlando Arocena collaborated with Shoe Fury to created these scary awesome limited edition sneakers. The piece used for the shoes was Orlando's contribution to one of Poster Posse's final tributes of 2014.

You can read Poster Posse's review of Orlando's latest collaboration, here!

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