Niklas Asker - Electronic Signature, ACC Docketby RSAR // 02/25/2015

Asker was commissioned by the folks at Bussolati to illustrate ACC Docket's first cover of 2015 for an article about electronic signatures and all the comforts that may allow us. Check out his wonderful piece!

Check out ACC Docket here!
Check out more from Niklas Asker here!

Jason Seiler - Steven Tyler, Adobeby RSAR // 02/25/2015

Right before the Oscars Jason Seiler was commissioned by Adobe to paint a portrait of Steven Tyler which we can finally share now! Check out this fabulous face!

Check out more from Jason Seiler here!

Sam Spratt - Big Game Movie Posterby RSAR // 02/24/2015

Samuel L. Jackson stars in a new thrill filled movie, "Big Game" about a young teenager tasked with rescuing the President of the United States when Air Force One gets shot down in the woods of Finland. Our one and only Sam Spratt painted this fabulous poster for the film which will be seen along with the photo poster across the US. Check out the Sam's piece and the trailer below!

Check the Trailer!

Learn more about the film here!
Check out more from Sam Spratt here!

Orlando Arocena - Oscar Vector Tribute Madness!by RSAR // 02/23/2015

Throughout this past year Orlando Arocena, the poster and vector king, has created a bucketload of truly awesome film posters. He tackled the Oscar nominees BIRDMAN, INTERSTELLAR, DAWN OF THE APES, X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURES PAST, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, BIG HERO 6, and AMERICAN SNIPER. Regardless of who walked away with an award, the minute the Oscars were over the internet went crazy for Orlando's tributes. Check out these incredible posters here and all these great sites which featured Orlando's work!


Check out Orlando on Behance here!
Check Orlando out on our site here!

Tim Bower - The Riddle Tampa Bay, RSAR // 02/20/2015

Tim Bower's double portrait of Bernie Madoff and Warren Buffet is the current cover of Chief Investment Officer Magazine. The illustration, which is animated on the magazine's website, accompanies an article about the peculiarities of the consultants behind Tampa Bay's Police and Firefighters' investment strategy and delves deep into how to solve the fiscal riddle. Check out the illustrations animated and the story here!

Tim Bower worked with art director, Soojin Buzelli on this and you can see her blog post about the piece here!

Check out more from Tim Bower on our site here!

Charles Chaisson - Chimerism in RSAR // 02/18/2015

BBC Focus has a section in their magazine called "Hollywood Science". The purpose of the articles is to separate scientific fact from movie fiction. This month's article was about the DNA realities in relation to one of Hollywood's new films, Jupiter Ascending. The reality that it is in fact pretty unlikely to combine wolf and human DNA to create something super-human...much to everyone's disappointment. Charles Chaisson illustrated this wonderful piece to accompany the story and you check out more from BBC Focus here!

You can check out more from Charles Chaisson here!

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