Goni Montes - Wilco, Rolling Stone Magazineby RSAR // 11/10/2015

Back in July, Wilco surprised their fans with a new album, 'Star Wars'. Our artist, the amazing Goni Montes, illustrated this piece for the article which is a Q&A with Wilco frontman, Jeff Tweedy. Really great read and beautiful piece! Check out the article here!

Check out more from Goni on our site!

Tim Bower - Fall 2015, Middlebury Magazine Coverby RSAR // 11/03/2015

The Fall 2015 issue of Middlebury Magazine, featuring Tim Bower's illustration on the cover, has been printed and ready for purchase! The magazine highlights the student academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishments as well as alumni professional and personal success stories.  Check out the magazine and get a look at Tim's fun piece!

Check out more from Tim here!

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