Michal Dziekan - Cotton Candy, A Karol...by RSAR // 05/19/2015

Michal Dziekan recently illustrated the poster for Karol Kolodziński's new short film "Cotton Candy" The film takes the main character, Marcel, on a journey through a park on a summers day to meet his girl friend, Alice. Along the way, Marcel encounters the girls of his past making him question both his current relationship and reality itself. Michal Dziekan created a fabulous poster for this quirky film making us squirm with anticipation for the film's release even more! Check out Michal's poster and a trailer for the film below!

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Kent Baton - George Sorosby RSAR // 05/15/2015

A few weeks ago we did a blast on the division between the rich and poor. Kent Barton's portrait of George Soros unfortunately didn't make it in that newsletter but here it is now! In 2014 George Soros was named the 27th richest person in the world. He is known for his wide spread philanthropy and activism along with his questionable WWII past... Kent achieved a killer likeness and a fabulous portrait, check it out!

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Goni Montes - Henry van de Velde, The...by RSAR // 05/11/2015

Henry van de Velde was a Belgian artist whose work transcended far further than his canvases and was a proponent for artistic individuality. Tom Wilkinson reviewed the career of the painter, interior designer, and architect for the March issue of The Architectural Review. Goni Montes illustrated this fabulous portrait for the review and you can read the entire article here!

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Tran Nguyen - Traveling to a Distant Day, Uncanny...by RSAR // 05/11/2015

Uncanny magazine is a science fiction and fantasy online publication featuring short stories and podcast readings and interviews! Tran Nguyen illustrated this amazing piece for their fourth issue and was featured on their website. Tran's fantastical work fits in perfectly with the dreamy quality of the magazine. Keep your eyes out for more to come!

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Maria Corte Maidagan - My First 100 Kilograms, IL...by RSAR // 05/08/2015

Last April Maria Corte Maidagan illustrated this piece depicting the war some people wage with their bodies for Italian IL Magazine.  Throughout the years Maria has created several piece for the magazine and they can't seem to get enough!  Check IL Magazine for this issue and to see from Maria!

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Michal Dziekan - Weighing the New Credit-Card...by RSAR // 05/07/2015

Last June Michal Dziekan did this illustration for an article about the variety onslaught of credit-cards available today. The article gives an overview of the good, the bad, and the avoidable and Michal's piece perfectly illustrates the overwhelming wave of cards coming our way.

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