Rudy Gutierrez - Society of Illustrators Lectureby RSAR // 11/10/2014

Rudy, accompanied by his tremendous wife, DK Dyson, took the stage at the Society of Illustrators this morning to give one of his famous inspirational talks. He covered the grounds of the start of his career, his influences and inspirations, his successes, and his process. As the speech came to a close, the eyes of everyone in the audience were bright with new ideas for how they were going to follow their passions, stay true to who they were, and become die-hard fans on Santana. Here are some photos from this morning.

Maria Corte Maidagan - J is for Jazz by RSAR // 11/07/2014

Maria Corte Maidagan teamed up with author, Ann Ingalls to create this walk through the Jazz ages alphabet book. The book covers all aspects of Jazz in America from "axe" to "zoot suit", including " be-bopping, lyrical introductions to key jazz figures, musical terms, and a glossary of jazz slang." Maria's style is the perfect fit for the subject matter, you'll find yourself snapping your fingers and tapping your toe by just seeing her figures dance through the pages!

Jason Seiler - Sting, The New York Observerby RSAR // 11/07/2014

Jason Seiler had super quick turn around to get this portrait of Sting done for the New York Observer. Jason used his time well and the outcome was super successful! Check out the full article about the star's latest Broadway play "Last Ship".

Sam Spratt - William Potter Ross, RSAR // 11/05/2014

Sam Spratt was recently commissioned by Princeton Alumni Weekly to paint a portrait of William Potter Ross, an alumni of Princeton class of 1844. Ross is known for his prominent role in the Cherokee Nation and for his fantastic beard.

Ricardo Martinez - Elton John, Luna Metropoliby RSAR // 11/05/2014

Ricardo Martinez recently finished this piece of Elton John for the cover of Spanish magazine, Luna Metropoli, the weekend magazine of the news paper, El Mundo. Such an awesome piece.

Kent Barton - The Story of Christmas, The RSAR // 11/05/2014

Kent Barton was commissioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to illustrate the story of Christmas. The illustration is accompanied with the written story along with links to learn more about the holiday and its origins. Check out Kent's beautiful work!

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