Guy Stauber - What's Up, Doc? , RSAR // 04/20/2015

In February of this year, Hemispheres Magazine came out with an article about the famed Jone's Fracture suffered in October and the lesson the public was given by the star's injury. Guy Stauber was commissioned to illustrated this spot for the article, showing the athlete in his not-so natural state. An interesting read accompanied by a great illustration, check it out!

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Tran Nguyen - Blood Orange Tangerine and RSAR // 04/17/2015

Our illustrator Tran Nguyen known for her beautifully figures and delicate detail was commissioned by Brand Lab early this year to create the visuals to brand two of the Common Cider Company's award winning ciders, Blood Orange Tangerine and Hibiscus Saison. Both flavors won awards at the California State Fair in 2014, Gold to the Blood Orange Tangerine and Bronze to the Hibiscus Saison. Clearly, this company has great taste! Check out both flavors and more from the Common Cider Company here!

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Edward Kinsella III - Everywhere @ Once, RSAR // 04/14/2015

Vanderbilt Magazine recently released their latest alumni magazine with an article about one very influential alum, Oliver Luckett. Edward Kinsella III illustrated the portrait to accompany the article about this omnipresent social media guru. The article shares some interesting facts about social media that most of us aren't aware of and is a great read! Check it out!

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Orlando Arocena - Jurassic Park, SciFi Nowby RSAR // 04/09/2015

Poster Posse recently partnered with SciFi Now book club to come up with alternative book covers to accompany SciFi Now's monthly book reviews. This month Orlando Arocena illustrated this ridiculously awesome alternative book cover for Michael Crichton's  "JURASSIC PARK".

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Read an in depth interview Orlando did with SciFi Now here!
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Dongyun Lee - The Future of Manufacturing, RSAR // 04/08/2015

Over the years Dongyun Lee has done several illustrations for both Deloitte University Press and Deloitte Review. The most recent illustrations Dongyun has created is for an article about "The Future of Manufacturing". The article is about how the current economic position has call for an overall change of how products are being fabricated, how consumers are purchasing them, and even how companies are doing business.  As always, Dongyun put his energetic style to the task and came out with this gem. Check it out!

Read the entire article here!

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Maria Corte Maidagan - Platinum Card, RSAR // 04/06/2015

This past fall Maria Corte Maidagan was commissioned to illustrate American Express' Green, Gold, and Platinum cards. You can see the blog post about Maria's Green card here. The other two have been released available for your viewing pleasure! Check them out!

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