Thomas Ehretsmann - Wilson Revisited, rsar // 01/29/2016

Thomas Ehretsmann has created yet another amazing portrait. This one was commission by Princeton Alumni Weekly who needed a piece to accompany an article about their famous and influential alumni, Woodrow Wilson." A member of the Class of 1879, Wilson spent 24 of his 67 years at the University, as a striving student, revered professor, and reformist president." Check out the entire article!

Dongyun Lee - Exceptional Performance: rsar // 01/26/2016

Dongyun Lee was commissioned by Deloitte University Press to illustrate a spread illustration for their 18th issue! The article goes into detail the one element that companies should not only seek out but maintain at all costs, exceptional performance. Read the entire article here!

Thomas Ehretsmann - The Long Story of rsar // 01/19/2016

The Atlantic commissioned Thomas Ehretsmann to illustrate portraits of Nixon and Kissinger for an article about the two larger-than-life characters' foreign policy in the depths of Cold War. A little more to know and the infamous duo. Dark times call for dark portraiture, Ehretsmann's beautiful piece is once again the perfect fit.

Niklas Asker - January/February, ACC Docketby rsar // 01/15/2016

Niklas Asker was commissioned recently to illustrate the January/February issue of ACC Docket. Hot off the presses, the cover story for this issue is titled, "Tone at the Top." Check it out!

Thomas Ehretsmann - David Bowie, Le Mondeby rsar // 01/08/2016

The world is talking about David Bowie's new album, "Blackstar" released on his 69th birthday and what is being called Bowie's first jazz ablum. Naturally,  France's, Le Monde, was not going to miss this opportunity to print Thomas Ehretsmann's portrait of Bowie in this article. Le Monde describes the album as being put together by many separate pieces, similar to how a collage is made. The eerie segmented portrait by Ehretsmann couldn't have been a better fit.

Chris Gall - January/February 2016, Edible rsar // 01/07/2016

Chris Gall illustrated the January/ February cover of Edible Baja Arizona. The magazine highlights the gastronomic experience for anyone in and around Tuscon. You can check out the entire digital version here! If you're in the area, check out where you can pick up a copy here!

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