Michal Dziekan - Magic Delivery. Disney-Hyperionby RSAR // 07/17/2014

The story follows two boys as they go on a wild and unexpected adventure for the sake of middle school popularity. The excitement begins as they come into contact with a bear - driven van carrying a stock of outrageous and fantastical merchandise.

Tyler Jacobson - Historical Mural, Brigham Young...by RSAR // 07/17/2014

Tyler Jacobson was hired by Brigham Young University to do a narrative mural depicting historical events. This specific scene shows Brigham Young leading a group of followers across the Mississippi River to the town of Quincy.

Ricardo Martinez - Mick Jagger, El Mundoby RSAR // 07/17/2014

Back in June, El Mundo's weekend magazine, in Spain,  featured Ricardo Martinez's brilliant caricature of Mick Jagger.

Paul Cox - The House of Illustration, Interview...by RSAR // 07/08/2014

Paul Cox was interviewed by Radio BBC4 as part of the launch of their new spot 'The House of Illustration'. Paul was given the task of painting throughout the radio broadcast and even included some pieces from his ride over to the station!

Thomas Ehretsmann - Michael Bloomberg, AFF...by RSAR // 07/03/2014

Thomas Ehretsmann did this stunning portrait of Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the July issue of America's First Freedom Magazine.

Gary Kelley - Harlem Hellfighters, The Creative...by RSAR // 07/01/2014

J.Patrick Lewis and Gary Kelley came together to create "Harlem Hellfighters". With Lewis's free-verse poetry and Kelley's fabulous illustrations, the book tells the tale of a regiment of African American soldiers from Harlem who travel to Europe to fight with the French army in World War I. They inspired the continent as they took the musical sound of Harlem into the heart of war.

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