Orlando Arocena - Vetor Tribyte to "Back to the...by RSAR // 03/13/2015

Orlando Arocena is invited by Mate colectivo to be part of their "BACK IN TIME" exhibition - paying tribute to the cult classic- Back to the Future film. Orlando did two different versions. You can see all the process work on his Behance page.

Thomas Ehretsmann - Extreme!, Playboy Germanyby RSAR // 03/11/2015

Last year Thomas Ehretsmann did a series for Playboy to accompany a three part short story series about extreme measures, activities, and lifestyles. We did a blog about the three illustrations that you can check out here!

Recently, Playboy Germany wanted a piece of the action and has decided to extend the series for their publication. Here is Thomas's fourth piece in this intense group of short stories!

Check out the series on Playboy's website!
Take a look at Playboy Germany here!
See more from Thomas here!

Goni Montes - An Electrode in the Brain Turns Off...by RSAR // 03/10/2015

Goni Montes illustrated a piece for a Scientific American article about how electrical stimulants can alter a person's brain chemistry to the point of alleviating or healing devastating depression and other mental illnesses. Goni gave this remarkable discovery justice with this electrifying piece! Check it out!

Read the entire article here!
Check out more from Goni here!

Sam Spratt - Killing Jesus, National Geographicby RSAR // 03/09/2015

National Geographic's new show 'KILLING JESUS' based on the book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. will premiere Sunday, March 29th. The show will shed light on the intimate details of the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth and is sure to be enlightening, educational and very exciting! Sam Spratt illustrated this gorgeous piece for National Geographic which can be seen here, all over the internet, and around New York City!

Check out a trailer for the show here!

Learn more about Sam's process here!
Check out more from Sam here!

Patrick Arrasmith - The Brothers Grimmer,...by RSAR // 03/09/2015

University of Minnesota professor emeritus of German and comparative literature, Jack Zipes, has recently undertaken the task of translating the Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Zipes maintains the authentic grisly-ness of the tales, with themes such as teen pregnancy, self-mutilation, murder, and more! Minnesota magazine interviewed Zipes to get an in-depth look at the tales and a preview of the translated edition. Our very own Patrick Arrasmith illustrated this eerie piece to accompany the article which you can check out here!

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Dongyun Lee - Learning to Roughneck, Texas Monthlyby RSAR // 03/06/2015

Dongyun Lee - Learning to Roughneck, Texas Monthly
Dongyun Lee just illustrated this oily piece for Texas Monthly's most recent issue. The illustration accompanies an article about a Texas native finding himself out of his element on his own turf with new context. Check out the entire article here!

Check out more from Dongyun here!

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