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Octavia Monaco was born in Thionville, France, in 1963. Since 1970 she’s been living and working in Italy. Though trained as a goldsmith, she was drawn by her interest in visual communication and taught herself to paint. Her fascination with the world of fables motivated and inspired her. In 1991 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, but after a short time she decided to move away from academia and began to persue a more personal course. Since then, many of her books have been published and printed in Italy, England, The United States, Japan, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Korea. She has also participated in various exhibits for which she has received international acclaim. In 2004 she received the Andersen Prize for Best Italian Illustrator. Octavia is also active as a teacher in workshops for illustrators, teachers and children. In 2005 she began to teach illustration at the School of Fine Arts in Bologna.
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