Richard Solomon Artists Representative brings you award winning Artists to fill any Illustration request you may have.

We love Illustration.

What we do?

Illustration. I started my Company, Richard Solomon Artists Representative LLC over 25 years ago. My vision was to bring together a group of artists from all parts of the globe who were great problem solvers, each with their own signature style. Over the years, we have developed a reputation as the go-to artists agency for both traditional and digital format.

In 25+ years, we have worked on over 12,000 editorial, advertising, institutional and branding jobs.

Today we represent an ever-expanding "big tent" of award-winning illustrators and fine artists, who work collaboratively with the best art directors and designers throughout the world. We have the expertise and experience to solve any of your problems.

"Great art enhances the value of any space by increasing public awareness."


Murals + Art on a Grand Scale. My Vision of Art On a Grand Scale is to transform corporate and commercial spaces into exciting, arresting and provocative environments.

Technology makes this idea cost-effective. Our artists work to scale off-site, creating custom works for art. Then the art is scanned, printed on a variety of surfaces, and shipped anywhere in the world to be installed.

Great art enhances the value of a space by increasing public awareness while providing the owner with the opportunity to give something back to the public.

We represent an ever-expanding “big talent” of award-winning illustrators, fine artists, and photographers, each with their own signature style. We have the expertise and experience to solve any of your spatial needs.

Richard Solomon Artists Representative

Get the top visual problem solvers in the illustration world.

Art in a Grand Scale and in any media you can imagine.

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